Sjon Hartman: Plant Physiology First Author

Sjon Hartman, co-first author of “Ethylene augments root hypoxia tolerance via growth cessation and reactive oxygen species amelioration”

Current Position: Junior Professor and Group Leader of Plant Environmental Signalling and Development at CIBSS and the University of Freiburg, Germany

Education: BSc, MSc, PhD and postdoc at Plant Ecophysiolgy, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and Rubicon postdoctoral fellow at the Gibbs lab, University of Birmingham, UK

Non-scientific Interests: Herpetology, tropical aquaria, hiking, Belgian beers

Brief bio: From the first moments I could walk I have been gathering and examining little plants and critters. During my Biology studies at Utrecht University I realized that I really enjoyed researching organisms (mostly plants) at the molecular level to understand visible physiological and developmental responses. Since then, I have been captivated by understanding how plants sense their environment and use the integration of these signals to grow optimally. My research endeavors have mainly focused on how plants use flooding signals to acclimate to, and overcome, hypoxia stress. During my PhD studies (under the supervision of Dr. Rens Voesenek & Dr. Rashmi Sasidharan) I discovered that I also really enjoy science communication / outreach and I aim to continue to share my fascination for biology and plant science to lay audiences through special events and interviews. Currently, my newly established lab investigates how plants encode flooding stress memory at the (epigenetic) molecular level, and respond more effectively to subsequent submergence events.

姓名:Sjon Hartman




个人简历:从小时候开始,我就一直很喜欢收集和观察小植物、小动物。在乌特勒支大学攻读生物学学士学位期间,我发现自己非常喜欢在分子水平研究生物(植物为主),并了解其生理和发育水平的反应。从那时起,我就一直对植物如何感知环境变化、整合并利用这些信号以达到最佳的生长和发育的问题特别感兴趣。我的研究方向主要是植物如何感知水淹信号,并利用它来适应和克服低氧胁迫。在博士研究期间(博士导师:Rens Voesenek,Rashmi Sasidharan),我还发现自己对科学交流和科普活动非常感兴趣,并且我希望能够通过不同的科普活动继续分享我对植物科学的喜爱,以吸引到更多的人了解并喜欢我们的研究。目前,我在德国弗莱堡大学新成立的实验室主要研究植物是如何在(表观遗传)分子水平编码、调控水淹胁迫的记忆,并因此更有效的克服随后发生的水淹胁迫。