Shintaro Ichikawa: Plant Direct First Author

Shintaro Ichikawa, first author of “Live-cell imaging of the chloroplast outer envelope membrane using fluorescent dyes”

Current Position:  Ph.D student, Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity, Utsunomiya University, Japan

Education:  Bachelor of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University, Japan

Non-scientific Interest:  Watching soccer games, reading, cooking

Brief bio:

Since my undergraduate degree, I have worked in the laboratory of Prof. Yutaka Kodama at Utsunomiya University. My research interest is to develop new imaging tools using fluorescent proteins and dyes to observe the cellular structure of living plant cells. This paper reported a facile imaging technique to visualize the chloroplast outer envelope membrane in multiple plant species using fluorescent dyes. With Prof. Yutaka Kodama, we believe this imaging technique shows the potential to apply widely in various studies.