Rui Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Rui Wang, first author of “Loss of THIN EXINE2 disrupts multiple processes in the mechanism of pollen exine formation”

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Molecular Genetics and Center for Applied Plant Sciences, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Education: Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Molecular biology) and B.S. (Biotechnology) in Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, jogging, traveling, and cooking

Brief bio: I have been in the field of plant growth and development since 2010. I did my graduate research and obtained my Ph.D. at Northwest A&F University, China with Dr. Fei Yu as my supervisor. My study was focused on the ABS3 subfamily of MATE transporters and their functions in the regulation of hypocotyl cell elongation and leaf senescence in Arabidopsis. After that, I joined Dr. Anna Dobritsa’s research group as a postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, United States. Dr. Dobritsa studies formation of complex extracellular structures using development of exine, the outer cell wall of pollen grains, as a model. Since I joined her group, I became fascinated with the exine wall and with the tremendous diversity of species-specific patterns it exhibits. I am now working on deciphering the molecular mechanism of exine development and patterning by using integrative approaches encompassing genetic, biochemical, cellular, molecular biological, histological, advanced microscopy, and other tools.


姓名: 王蕊




个人研究简介: 我自2010年进入实验室并开始学习研究植物的生长和发育以来,一直对其抱有非常浓厚的兴趣。在西北农林科技大学郁飞教授的悉心指导下,我开展了一系列关于植物生长发育分子调控机制的研究。凭借我对于揭示拟南芥ABS3亚家族MATE转运蛋白参与调控植物细胞伸长和叶片衰老的机制的研究,我顺利获得了生物化学和分子生物学博士学位。随后我加入了美国俄亥俄州立大学Anna Dobritsa教授的研究组,开始了我的博士后研究工作。Anna Dobritsa教授的研究组是通过以花粉壁发育为模型,对植物细胞复杂多样的细胞外结构进行研究。 在此期间,我被植物花粉细胞壁所呈现出表面纹路模式的复杂多变深深吸引,开始专注于花粉细胞壁的发育及纹路形成的分子机制研究。我通过筛选分离参与调控花粉细胞壁发育的基因,并结合遗传学,分子生物学,生物化学,细胞生物学的各种研究方法,以及多种显微成像技术对这些基因功能进行研究,希望对于破解花粉细胞壁的发育和表面纹路形成之谜,提供更多的信息。