Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Liyong Zhang

Liyong Zhang, first author of Live Imaging of Microtubule Organization, Cell Expansion, and Intercellular Space Formation in Arabidopsis Leaf Spongy Mesophyll Cells

Current Position: PhD Student in Dr. Chris Ambrose Lab at University of Saskatchewan

Education: MSc in Biology, University of Science and Technology of China

Non-scientific Interests: swimming, reading

Brief bio: After finishing my master’s degree, I joined Dr. Ambrose’s lab as a PhD student, where we generated novel mesophyll-specific fluorescent lines to investigate spongy mesophyll morphogenesis in Arabidopsis leaf. Since the first day I came to the lab, 4D confocal imaging and quantitative image analysis has been my daily routine. Many thanks to Dr. Ambrose, I became more and more proficient in it. Someday, I will become a microscopy “geek” just like my supervisor.