Qiran Sun: Plant Physiology First Author

Qiran Sun, first author of “Kinase MxMPK4-1 and calmodulin binding protein MxIQM3 enhance apple root acidification during Fe deficiency”


Shandong agriculture university (B.S); China Agricultural University (M.D; Ph.D)

Non-scientific Interests: table tennis, swimming, piano

Brief bio:

I have been studying for my phD in the Pomology in College of Horticulture, China Agricultural University since 2019. My main research is related to the MAPK cascade involving in the Fe deficiency response of apple rootstocks. In China, Fe deficiency is a serious problem in apple production, which leads to leaf chlorosis, and damage of fruit yield and quality, restricting development of apple industry. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the mechanism of Fe deficiency tolerance of apple rootstocks. This study found that under Fe deficiency stress, Ca2+/MxCAM7 signal in apple rootstocks would activate MxMPK4-1 to phosphorylate calmodulin binding protein MxIQM3, which affects the binding of MxIQM3 and PM H+– ATPase MxHA2, thereby enhancing the root H+ secretion and rhizosphere acidification mediated by PM H+– ATPase. This study provides a new insight into the molecular mechanism of apple rootstocks responding to Fe deficiency stress.




山东农业大学  学士;

中国农业大学  硕士;

中国农业大学  博士在读



我于2019年至今在中国农业大学园艺学院果树学专业攻读博士学位,研究方向为MAPK级联反应参与苹果砧木缺铁应答反应的相关研究。我国苹果生产缺铁问题严重,导致苹果出现叶片黄化、果实产量和品质受损等现象,制约了产业发展,因此,研究苹果砧木的耐缺铁机理具有重要意义。本研究发现,缺铁胁迫下苹果砧木中的Ca2+/MxCAM7信号会通过激活MxMPK4-1,使其磷酸化钙调素结合蛋白MxIQM3,影响MxIQM3与PM H+-ATPase MxHA2的结合,从而增强PM H+-ATPase介导的根系H+外泌和根际酸化,积极调控缺铁应答。本研究为苹果砧木响应缺铁胁迫的分子机制研究提供了新的见解。