Qi Guo: Plant Physiology First Author

Qi Guo, first author of “Salt stress alters membrane lipid content and lipid biosynthesis pathways in the plasma membrane and tonoplast”

Current Position: Research Assistant at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University

Education: Ph.D. in Plant Science from Faculty of Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University (2021)

Non-scientific Interests: Cats, video games, swimming

Brief bio: I was fortunate to join Prof. Bronwyn Barkla’s lab at Southern Cross University for my Ph.D. which focused on understanding the mechanisms of plant salt tolerance. This research focused on the salt-induced alterations to proteins and lipids in subcellular membranes from the halophyte Ice plant, isolated by charge-based fractionation technique-Free Flow Electrophoresis. Combining next generation proteomics using SWATH-MS and tandem mass spectrometry-based lipidomic analysis, this research provided evidence for a membrane-specific lipid remodeling mechanism in plants in response to salt stress. I am fascinated by the power of multi-omics profiling studies for a more comprehensive understanding of molecular changes contributing to plant development and cellular responses.