Marco Mellon: Plant Physiology First Author

Marco Mellon, first author of “Inactivation of mitochondrial Complex I stimulates chloroplast ATPase in Physcomitrium patens

Current Position: Post-doctoral scientist

Education: I have earned my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Padova (Italy). Then, I enrolled in the Ph.D course in Bioscience of University of Padova under the supervision of Prof. Tomas Morosinotto. I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis in March of 2021.

Non-scientific Interests: I love cooking, I enjoy talking about every sport involving a ball and, I value myself a champion at board games and video games.

Brief bio: My interest in plant science developed after the first time I met photosynthesis during my undergraduate studies. After my master’s studies, I have devoted my Ph.D. formation trying to acknowledge the complexity of plant’s central metabolism under the supervision of Prof. Tomas Morosinotto. Most of my doctoral work focused on the isolation of mutants lacking respiratory complexes and on the characterization of the interplay between respiration and photosynthesis in the moss Physcomitrium patens when the first process is impaired. After my Ph.D., I have decided to expand my research topics. Hence, in July 2021, I will start my first post-doctoral position at the University of Geneva in the lab of Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick where I will study the role of B vitamins in plant metabolism. In particular, I will investigate the factors controlling B vitamins homeostasis and how this impacts plant fitness and health.