Lu Yu: Plant Physiology First Author

Lu Yu, co-first author of “Transcription factor OsSNAC1 positively regulates nitrate transporter gene expression in rice”

Current Position: Master student of Huazhong Agricultural University


2020-2023, Huazhong Agricultural University, Master

2016-2020, Shanxi Agricultural University, Bachelor

Non-scientific Interests: movies and music

Brief bio: I graduated from Shanxi Agricultural University and joined the Plant Nutrition Biology Group of Huazhong Agricultural University for master degree in 2020. My research interest is mainly focused on the molecular mechanism of NAC transcription factors involved in the regulation of nutrient uptake and transport in rice plant. In this study, we found that a NAC transcription factor in rice, OsSNAC1, played a positive role in regulating NO3 uptake through directly binding to the upstream promoter regions of nitrate transporter genes OsNRT2.1/2.2 and OsNRT1.1A/1.1B, which activated their expression levels and improved the nitrogen use efficiency, plant growth, and yield production. Our results may provide a potential genetic approach for improving crop NUE in agriculture.