Kenya Tanaka: Plant Physiology First Author

Kenya Tanaka, first author of “Dark accumulation of downstream glycolytic intermediates initiates robust photosynthesis in cyanobacteria”

Current Position: Assistant professor

Education: Ph.D. in science, Osaka University, Japan

Non-scientific interests: Anime, Alcohol, Mah-jongg, Baseball

Brief bio: My current research question is “to what extent and how intracellular redox state is maintained in a photosynthetic organism”. While I carried out my PhD in Prof. Nakanishi Shuji group in Osaka University, relationship between redox state and circadian clock was investigated by using electrochemical method for in vivo redox monitoring in cyanobacteria. Following my PhD, I joined and am belonging to Prof. Hasunuma Tomohisa group in Kobe University. Currently, the mechanism by which metabolism supports redox homeostasis is being investigated using metabolomics. Hopefully, even just a little bit, my research would help establish redox system biology in future.