Introducing plant biology graduate students to a culture of mental well‐being (Plant Direct)

Graduate studies are challenging times, fraught with uncertainty and stress. Dewa et al. addressed this problem head on by developing a required, credited course for first-year graduate students, “Tools for Becoming a Successful Professional and for Enhancing Your Well‐Being and Work Environment”. The five-week course included discussions about emotion-focused and problem-focused coping, as well as evaluations of the scientific literature supporting various strategies. The fact that the course was required and given for credit signaled to the students that the graduate program takes their mental health seriously. The authors also note that besides providing graduate students with the opportunity to reflect on their own approach to mental well-being, it also provided them with tools to share with the undergraduates they would encounter in their roles as teaching assistants. (Summary by Mary Williams) Plant Direct 10.1002/pld3.211
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