Huapeng Zhou: The Plant Cell First Author

Huapeng Zhou, first author of “PAMP-INDUCED SECRETED PEPTIDE 3 modulates salt tolerance through RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE 7 in plants”


Current position: Associate Professor, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, China

Education: Ph.D., Beijing Normal University & National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing

Non-scientific Interests: reading, writing, running

Brief bio: My major research interest is to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying plant salt tolerance. I started my research career since I became a graduate student of Professor Yan Guo. During my graduate and postdoctoral study, I published two research works in The Plant Cell, which strongly encouraged me to continue in the plant abiotic stress biology area. Now, I am a principal investigator at Sichuan University as an associate professor. In my laboratory, we use Arabidopsis and several non-model plants to investigate how plants respond and adapt to abiotic stresses, especially high soil salinity. Our goal is to provide candidate gene resources for salt-tolerant crop construction in the future.






简历:本人主要关注植物耐盐分子机制,相关兴趣始于我有幸成为郭岩教授的研究生。在读研及博士后研究期间本人先后有2项研究工作发表于The Plant Cell期刊,这给了我继续从事植物逆境生物学研究的勇气。本人目前任四川大学生命科学学院副教授,课题组主要以模式植物拟南芥以及部分非模式植物为研究对象,解析植物应答与耐受逆境胁迫特别是盐胁迫的分子机制,以期为遗传改良作物、创制耐盐作物新品种提供重要的基因资源。