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Past Events

Plantae Presents: Jiří Friml and Nicola Patron

  • Jiří Friml: Hormonal regulation of self-organizing and adaptive plant development 
  • Nicola Patron: Reconstructing regulation: Can biological complexity be reverse engineered?

Plantae Presents Special Event: Claudia Vickers and Guillaume Barbier

  • Claudia Vickers. Making plant natural products economically viable: Synthetic biology tools for metabolic engineering of isoprenoids in microbes
  • Guillaume Barbier: Engineering of biological nitrogen fixation for sustainable agriculture

Plantae Presents: Malcolm Bennett and Edith Pierre-Jerome

  • Malcolm Bennett: BREAKTHRU: uncovering how roots can sense and penetrate hard soils

  • Edith Pierre-Jerome: A synthetic approach to parse gene regulatory logic in plant development

What is synthetic biology all about? To answer this question, we have conducted a set of video interviews with leaders in the field of plant synthetic biology, in both academic and industrial areas.