Chaofan Chen: Plant Physiology First Author

Chaofan Chen, first author of “Multi-copper oxidases SKU5 and SKS1 coordinate cell wall formation using apoplastic redox-based reactions in roots”


Yangzhou university (B.S); Fujian agriculture and forestry university (Ph.D)

Non-scientific Interests: Calligraphy,Badminton

Brief bio:I have been studying for my PhD in the College of life science, Fujian agriculture and forestry university since 2017. My PhD research is focusing on the regulatory mechanism of apoplastic reactive oxygen species (ROS) homeostasis and cell wall formation in Arabidopsis. Cell wall is a fundamental plant constituent, which is essential for cell morphogenesis and resistance to external stresses. In this research, we demonstrate a new role of the Arabidopsis multi-copper oxidase-like protein SKU5 and its homolog SKU5-similar 1 (SKS1) in root cell wall formation through modulating ROS homeostasis, which providing a novel regulatory module of cell wall formation and extending our understanding of ROS homeostasis in plant cell wall.




扬州大学 学士

福建农林大学 博士在读



我于2017年至今在福建农林大学生命科学学院生物学专业攻读博士学位。我的博士课题主要是关注于拟南芥质外体活性氧稳态和细胞壁形成的调节机制。细胞壁作为植物细胞的重要组成成分,对细胞的形态建成和抵抗外部压力至关重要。在这项研究中,我们证明了拟南芥类多铜氧化酶SKU5和其同源蛋白SKU5-similar 1(SKS1)通过调节活性氧的稳态在根细胞壁形成过程中起到的新作用。这个发现提供了一个新的关于细胞壁形成的调节模块,拓展了我们对植物细胞壁中活性氧稳态维持的认识。