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Getting the Word Out

In a shifting media landscape with a growing public interest in science, some researchers are doing their own PR. Includes an overview of what to write and also a useful list of places to send your research summaries. View resource

New Year's Resolutions for Would-Be Scientific Editors

Thinking about moving your career in a new direction? Here is a list of ways to start to prepare yourself for a career in writing / editing. "There are number of different things you could be doing right now while you're completing your graduate or postdoctoral work to build a strong skill set that…

21 Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers

Proofreading can be a chore, but if you send out your work full of typos and grammatical errors you won't be judged by the good quality of your ideas.... View resource

Peer Review 101: Advice for Trainees, Junior Faculty, and Mentors

Peer review, meaning a critical assessment by experts within a discipline, is both a privilege and the responsibility of all scientists who seek to publish their research and compete for funding. Peer review also contributes to professional development: Many institutions consider peer review activities…