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How to reach a wider audience for your research

This website is full of well curated ideas and tools for getting your research out to other scientists and the public. A must read for all researchers! View resource

Getting the Word Out

In a shifting media landscape with a growing public interest in science, some researchers are doing their own PR. Includes an overview of what to write and also a useful list of places to send your research summaries. View resource

New Year's Resolutions for Would-Be Scientific Editors

Thinking about moving your career in a new direction? Here is a list of ways to start to prepare yourself for a career in writing / editing. "There are number of different things you could be doing right now while you're completing your graduate or postdoctoral work to build a strong skill set that…

21 Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers

Proofreading can be a chore, but if you send out your work full of typos and grammatical errors you won't be judged by the good quality of your ideas.... View resource

Peer Review 101: Advice for Trainees, Junior Faculty, and Mentors

Peer review, meaning a critical assessment by experts within a discipline, is both a privilege and the responsibility of all scientists who seek to publish their research and compete for funding. Peer review also contributes to professional development: Many institutions consider peer review activities…

Small Changes in Teaching: The Last 5 Minutes of Class

"Don’t waste them trying to cram in eight more points or call out as many reminders as possible" One of a series of article by James Lang in the Chronicle of Higher Education on small changes that can make your teaching much better. The article includes links to his other columns. View resourc…

E/quality and Diversity

Recently, I was asked it if is ethical to give a job to a woman rather than to a man of higher quality. I replied, “How do we measure “quality”? This is the longer answer that I didn’t have time to provide. The opinions expressed are my own. Achievement does not equal quality Imagining…