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GIGANTEA shapes the photoperiodic rhythms of termomorphogenic growth in Arabidopsis (Mol. Plant)

Plants evolved molecular mechanisms to integrate seasonal changes with developmental programs. For example, warmer temperatures and increasing day-length mark the transition from winter to spring, and trigger flowering. Now, the synchronisation of ambient temperature and photoperiod is perturbed by global warming, which causes growth alteration in different plant species. Nevertheless, plants are able to modify […]

The circadian clock influences the long-term water use efficiency of Arabidopsis (Plant Physiol.)

The volume of water required for a given crop yield is largely influenced by the plant’s Water Use Efficiency (WUE). Considering that the majority of the water taken up by plants is lost through transpiration, WUE can be improved by modulating stomatal opening. Besides light and temperature, stomatal function is also regulated by circadian rhythms […]