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Untargeted metabolomics reveals host plant chemistry before and after pea aphid infestatation (Front. Plant Sci)

Pea aphids are genetically diverse, with different biotypes (or “host races”) having different host plant preferences. Sanchez-Arcos et al. reveal several relationships between plant metabolite production and the possibility of colonization of certain aphid host races. Using UHPLC- MS analysis of the extracts of Medicago sativa, Trifolium pratense, Vicia faba and Pisum sativum before and […]

Review: Evolutionary and ecological insights from herbicide resistant weeds (New Phytol)

Weeds represent a problem for the economy due to their easy resistance of pesticides, but they are also a model for adaptation, ecology and evolution. In this review Baucom focusses on three areas: the genetic basis of adaptation, evolutionary constraints, and experimental evolution. Weed resistance is related to mutations of target site resistance genes (e.g., […]

Review: The metabolic response to drought (J Exp Bot) ($)

Understanding environmental stress in plants is undoubtedly important due to the consequences of climate change in crop productivity and survival of plants. Metabolomics based on liquid chromatography and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS, GC-MS) allows an understanding of the metabolic profile changes of plants in response to stress. Fàbregas and Fernie review and […]