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Precise integration of large DNA sequences in plant genomes using PrimeRoot editors

Although CRISPR/Cas9 tools have provided new opportunities for genome editing, using these systems to introduce large pieces of DNA has been challenging. A new genome editing technique, “PrimeRoot” (Prime editing-mediated Recombination Of Opportune Targets), was introduced by Sun et al. and shown to precisely insert large DNA donors/cargos in rice without double stranded break intermediates. […]

Review: The role of ethylene in plant temperature stress response

The phytohormone ethylene is known for its importance in plant development and mostly for its role in fruit ripening. However, in this review Huang et al. summarize recent findings on ethylene’s role in temperature (hot and cold) stress response and ethylene crosstalk with other hormones. Interestingly, different plants respond to heat stress differently. For example, […]