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Cell geometry determines symmetric and asymmetric division plane selection in Arabidopsis early embryos (PLOS Comp Biol)

Cells proliferate via symmetric divisions while asymmetric divisions are associated with new cell types, layers and developmental patterns. The correct orientation of cell divisions planes is required for plant tissue architecture and organ morphogenesis. In plants, previous attempts to predict division planes from cell geometry were mostly focused on 2D symmetric divisions. Julien et al. […]

Lateral inhibition by a peptide hormone-receptor cascade during Arabidopsis lateral root founder cell formation (Devel. Cell)

The plant hormone auxin acts as a general coordinator of growth and development, transferring information over both long and short ranges. Among other roles, it promotes the formation of the founder cells in roots and it triggers the position of the lateral roots (LR). LR founder cells  are determined in the oscillation zone at the […]