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Review. Great moments in evolution: the conquest of land by plants ($) (Curr Opin Plant Biol)

Plant occupation of land was a crucial step in evolution, without…
March 16, 2018/by Alecia Biel

Role of RecQ helicases in DNA repair and gene targeting in moss (Plant Cell)

DNA repair is of course a crucial process, and many DNA repair…
March 16, 2018/by Mary Williams

Letters: Auxin and vesicle traffic (Plant Physiol)

Three letters to Plant Physiology address the role of vesicles…
March 16, 2018/by Mary Williams

Perspective: Farming with crops and rocks to address global climate, food and soil security (Nature Plants)

Rising atmospheric CO2 levels are causing wide-ranging climate…
March 16, 2018/by Mary Williams

Darkened leaves use different metabolic strategies for senescence and survival (Plant Physiol.)

Put a plant into full darkness and it will gradually senesce,…
March 16, 2018/by Mary Williams

Lights, Camera, Action! Detecting crop biomass traits with low-cost photography (Plant Direct)

Maximizing and improving biomass productivity is essential for…
March 16, 2018/by Jason Stettler

Review: Relative symbiont input and the lichen symbiotic outcome ($) (Curr Opin Plant Biol)

Lichen are quite special, as they don’t exist independently…
March 16, 2018/by Mary Williams

Unleashing meiotic crossovers in hybrid plants ($) (PNAS)

To generate new plant varieties with desirable traits, plant…
March 16, 2018/by Elisa Dell'Aglio

Role of a Medicago truncatula citrate transporter in symbiotic nitrogen fixation (Plant Physiol.)

Iron, an essential nutrient for plants and symbiotic nitrogen-fixing…
March 16, 2018/by Julia Miller

A functional study of AUXILIN-LIKE1 and 2, two putative clathrin uncoating factors in Arabidopsis (Plant Cell)

Trafficking within a cell can occur through clathrin-mediated…
March 16, 2018/by Alecia Biel

Membrane protein MHZ3 stabilizes OsEIN2 in rice by interacting with its Nramp-like domain (PNAS)

Much of the ethylene biosynthesis and signaling pathway has been…
March 16, 2018/by Arif Ashraf

Regulation of Arabidopsis Brassinosteroid receptor BRI1 endocytosis and ubiquitination ($) (PNAS)

BRI1 (BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1) is a plasma-membrane localized…
March 16, 2018/by Arif Ashraf

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