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Plantae Seminar: Plants, Rumors and Imaging Spectroscopy

Register in advance to attend this live webinar   About This Seminar Most supervised machine learning algorithms assume that each training data point is paired with an accurate training label (for classification) or value (for regression). However, obtaining accurate training label information is often time-consuming and expensive, making it infeasible for large data sets, or […]

Space Biology Seminar: Taking Plants off This Planet

About This Seminar The study of space biology, along with astrobiology and exobiology, challenges plant science to actually probe the edges of existence and adaptation. For example, gravity is one of the fundamental tropic forces that impact plant growth and development, and the dissection of gravity-related signaling has been a rich source of insights into […]

iBiology – Magdalena Bezanilla: Understanding Cell Shape

Magdalena is a Reviewing Editor for The Plant Cell and a Professor at UMass Amherst. Here she describes her research interests in a series of videos published by iBiology.  A set of three video lectures, published by iBiology on May 2, 2017 Part 1: Understanding cell shape: Big insights from little plants: Polarized cell growth […]

Talking Plants: Plant Science Communication in a Digital World

About This Seminar In this seminar, Claire Hopkins will cover the basics, challenges, and joys of communicating plant science to the public. She will offer simple tips for improving your communication skills in any setting while explaining the advantages of various methods and digital platforms. She will cover aspects of content creation, including equipment, audience, […]

The Science in Our Food – Jim Carrington

Jim speaks on the benefits science has allowed for in the advancements in growing food. He suggests that global changes will create a need for us to leave romantic visions of farming in our past. With exploding population growth and climate change, we are at an important cross roads. Jim Carrington is president of the […]

Ask Me Anything – How to Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

Ask Me Anything – How to Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard About This Seminar We discussed ways that U.S. scientists can constructively engage their elected representatives and the policymaking process. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential and congressional elections, plant scientists in the United States are more energized and mobilized than ever. Clearly, […]

19 Articles | Page 1 of 4