New Workshops & Seminars for ICAR 2021-Virtual

ICAR 2021-Virtual News

In addition to the 2 Keynote lectures, 7 plenary sessions and 36 community-organized mini-symposia, NAASC is pleased to feature a number of Workshops and Seminars at ICAR 2021-Virtual, most of which focus on personal and professional growth, and community support and development in service of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

NAASC is committed to promoting DEI in plant sciences and will expand its activities to address barriers for full inclusion.

The first Workshop listed below (Be/Coming an Ally in Plant Science) is the launch of a new direction for NAASC activities, which will focus to educate and engage non-underrepresented members of racial, ethnic, gender, disability, and/or sexual orientation groups in plant science. The objective is to educate and engage non-underrepresented groups, including those that may be underrepresented in one area (e.g. LGBTQ+, 1st generation college) while non-minoritized in another (e.g. white, cisgender, male, affluent) to collectively addressing the many challenges in STEM and cultures.

In addition to these new workshops, we will continue our long-term focus on members of under-represented racial and ethnic groups in STEM via the Inclusivity Scholars Program (ISP) cohort.

If you are interested to join any of these workshop, and/or apply for free or reduced registration access, please apply for funding by March 15 (including for ISP inclusion).

DRAFT ICAR 2021-Virtual Seminars/Workshop[s

  1. Be/Coming an Ally in Plant Science
  2. Changing Cultures & Climates 
  3. ‘Our Lab’: Building a community
  4. Sex Work and Homelessness: Addressing Taboo Issues to Increase Queer and Trans Recruitment and Retention in Biology
  5. Improving Outreach in Plant Science
  6. Hot Papers in Plant Science- sponsored by/featuring 8 Plant Science Journals