About the African Researchers Network (ASPB-ARN)

African Plant Scientists and Organizations Database

About the Database: 

The African Researchers Network has created a database of African Plant Scientists and Plant Science Organizations to be used as a resource in finding conference speakers, editorial board members and reviewers, collaborators, mentors, and candidates for positions. We hope that the list will help conference organizers, journal editors and academic institutions to identify qualified scientists whose diverse skill sets and backgrounds can make valuable contributions to science.

The database can be found here. The list includes plant scientists from different career stages working in public and private universities, industry, consulting firms, international research organizations, and government. The list includes specific fields of research in the breadth of plant science, including plant physiology, genetics and breeding, plant pathology, ecology and conservation biology, plant systematics and biogeography, and soil-plant-microbe interactions.

Nominate Yourself and/or a Colleague: 

If you are an African plant scientist, please help us extend this list by nominating yourself here and/or forwarding the form to others so they can join the community.

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Conferences and Workshops

Creating an Inspiring Scientific Environment to Discuss Climate-Smart Agriculture

During the Plant Biology 2022 Meeting, the ASPB African Researchers Network held a workshop and hackathon titled “Enhancing Climate-Smart Agriculture to Foster Resilient Systems” to promote discussions on strategies for enhancing climate-smart agriculture. Read more about our event here.

Plant Biology 2021 Workshop and Hackathon on
Improving Orphan Crops to Foster Bioeconomies

The ASPB African Researchers Network organized a workshop and hackathon on “Improving Orphan Crops to Foster Bioeconomies” at Plant Biology 2021. The event brought the plant science community together to develop ideas and broaden perspectives on orphan crop research, food systems, and agricultural value chains. Read more about our event here.

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