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You Too Can Be On YouTube: Learn How to Create Engaging Science Communication Videos with Molly Edwards

Join the discussion with Molly Edwards, graduate student in the Kramer Lab at Harvard University. With funding she received from ASPB’s BLOOME grant, Molly produces and hosts a popular science education YouTube series, Science in Real Life. Our host, Rishi Masalia, will dive into the topic of creating effective and engaging science communication with Molly […]

Plants, Rumors and Imaging Spectroscopy with Alina Zare

Participants will have: Introduction to Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Sub-pixel Target Detection Introduction to Basic Machine Learning Concepts and to Multiple Instance Learning Concepts Introduction to Algorithmic Target Detection Most supervised machine learning algorithms assume that each training data point is paired with an accurate training label (for classification) or value (for regression). However, obtaining […]

WordPress 101 for Plant Scientists with Julia Miller

WordPress is the most popular self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It powers millions of websites because it is easy to learn to use. This webinar will cover the basics of WordPress so you can start creating your own website or blog. It will start with how to pick your website creation tool – WordPress.com […]

Taking Plants off This Planet: What Does Spaceflight Teach Us about Biology, Adaptation and Our Place in the Universe with Rob Ferl

The study of space biology, along with astrobiology and exobiology, challenges plant science to actually probe the edges of existence and adaptation. For example, gravity is one of the fundamental tropic forces that impact plant growth and development, and the dissection of gravity-related signaling has been a rich source of insights into the metabolic paths […]

Getting the most out of RNA-seq data with expVIP with Cristobal Uauy

In this seminar, we discuss the use of expVIP, an expression Visualisation and Integration Platform, which allows easy analysis of RNA-seq data combined with an intuitive and interactive visualisation interface. Users can analyse public and user-specified datasets with minimal bioinformatics knowledge and generate a custom web browser to visualise, sort and filter the RNA-seq data. […]

Write a Plant Science Haiku: And the winner is…

The September Plantae competition asked plant scientists to write and submit haiku about plant science. With nearly 100 submissions, our judges struggled to make their decision. Most of the submissions embodied the spirit of the haiku form, many were lovely, nearly all expressed the author’s fascination for plants and plant science, and some made us […]